Health and safety have been a hot topic the past year, and we’re here to keep it going. When picking out a new floor for a home or business, buyers rarely consider the health benefits or effects on well-being that their choice could influence. We’ll break it down for you today, but it’s not just about style and easy maintenance. Find out why concrete flooring is a great choice for your health, and visit our blog for more information. 

1. Kiss sneezing goodbye If you and your family suffer from allergies, you might want to consider tearing up that wall-to-wall carpet. It’s not doing you any favors; carpet traps dust mites, pollen and other allergens. Consider replacing it with a polished concrete floor that won’t trap dust and is easier to clean. Check out our other blog post on why concrete flooring is a great choice for homes with pets!

2. Improve the air quality of your home – It’s not just about the pollen and dust. Did you know mold can thrive on any organic surface? That means your wood floors, carpets made from natural fibers, and some other organic options aren’t safe. Mold can lead to headaches or more serious illnesses like immune system disorders. Luckily, concrete is a great option, as it doesn’t provide an environment for mold, mildew, or other organisms.

3. Trash the toxins – We’ve all heard about the dangers of outdoor air pollution, but as we’ve been spending time inside, experts remind us that indoor pollution is just as important to our health. Many common flooring options can emit volatile organic compounds. These could come from synthetic carpeting or padding and adhesive used with carpet or vinyl. Stick with the safe stuff and choose concrete flooring. Additionally, concrete floors are easily cleaned with a broom or non-toxic surface cleaners, so there’s no need for unsafe chemicals. 

Ready to explore your concrete flooring options? Contact the experts at Tolley Concrete today for a free quote. We’ll help you create something beautiful and healthy.