Have you ever wanted to add something special to your concrete? The options are limitless when it comes to decorating your concrete and adding in interesting patterns and designs. These can increase value to your home or just add texture, intrigue and custom accents to a space. We’ll introduce you to three types of decorative concrete finishes that are easy and inexpensive to add onto your project. For more, visit our blog

Stamped Concrete
You’ve likely seen us talk about stamped concrete before, as this is a great option to customize your home in a variety of ways. Stamped concrete is versatile, and can even be used to create faux wood, brick, flagstone and a variety of other textured looks. This gives you the benefits of concrete with the look of many different flooring options. 

Stenciled Concrete
This type of decoration gives you many of the same design options as stamped concrete. Stencils are extremely customizable, and can even be ordered to incorporate specific patterns or logos. Stenciled concrete is a great option for businesses looking for class without a high price tag. They’re also popular with homeowners around pools and decks.

Broom Concrete
This type of finish is actually just what it sounds: it’s done with a broom. This technique has been around a long time. While it’s not as sophisticated as some other options, broom-finished concrete has its perfect niche. We recommend using the broom finish outside on sidewalks or areas that could benefit from some slip resistance, as it adds traction and an upgraded look beyond basic concrete. 

Every project has its perfect concrete finish. These three options can help elevate your concrete look and add customization options. It doesn’t have to be a base concrete floor; with Tolley Concrete, you can make your project so much more. Visit our website for a free quote on your next concrete project and for more insight into finishes.