Here’s how this tool will come in handy.

An excavator is a construction machine used for digging. They come in some different sizes and have an arm with an attachment at the end. While they’re known for their digging power, they also have many other uses, and can even swap their attachment out for other uses. Today we’ll dive into some specific ways excavators are pivotal to almost every construction site. Check out our blog for more information on worksites and the machinery we use there.

Tracked Excavator – You guessed it, this excavator sits on a track. While it’s best for smaller areas, it has unmatched power. This use is perfect for digging, demolition and mining. Take a look at some of our industrial projects on our website.

Forestry – With a hydraulic attachment, an excavator can make quick work of clearing a forest. Whether it’s brush cutting or forestry mulching, this method is often much quicker than others out there.

Wheeled Excavators – This excavator sits on wheels, making it extremely mobile and able to work on jobs that take up more space. This makes it useful for projects like ditch cleaning and road maintenance.

Mini Excavators – This version of the excavator can work perfectly in areas that are smaller or hard to reach. They’re more lightweight and can be transported easily from place to place. We recommend them for jobs such as trenching, and they can be rented from your local home improvement store for easy accessibility.

Snow Season – While the winter months are a lot less harsh in the Central Florida climate we’re used to, excavators can also serve as a helpful tool for snow removal. Snowplow and snowblower attachments can make snow removal a breeze, especially for large areas like parking lots.

Whether it’s grading, digging, demolition, material transportation, or even snowblowing, excavators can do it all. Think you’ve got a project that needs an excavator? Get in touch with us on our website for a free quote.