Here are some easy tips for repairing concrete cracks in your outdoor living space.

If your home patio, driveway or outdoor living area is starting to show cracks in its concrete surface, there are some easy ways to repair it. Many times, concrete crack repair is an easy DIY project. For wider, deeper cracks, a professional concrete company may be needed to fix damage or replace the concrete. To get a professional opinion and free quote from Tolley Concrete, go to our website.

Here are some easy steps to fix your minor concrete cracks:

  1. Chisel out the crack. The aim is to create a backward-angled cut, or an inverted “V.” Use a masonry chisel and a hammer.
  2. Clean out any loose debris or dust from the crack using a wire brush.
  3. With a paint brush, apply a bonding layer to the inside of the crack. This prevents the repair material from slipping out. 
  4. Get a vinyl-reinforced patching compound. Follow package directions, and apply it to the crack. Use a trowel to smooth the top so it aligns with the rest of the concrete surface.

In addition, small cracks, less than ¼ inch wide, can be repaired using caulk. Wide cracks that are more than an inch wide will require sand to act as a filler with the added concrete to fill the crack. Check out our residential options for more info on how we can help with home projects. 

Not sure whether to repair or replace? While a professional from Tolley Concrete can help with that, here’s how to do an initial assessment on your own.

  • If a crack in the concrete is widespread or goes all the way through the slab, you should replace it. This might occur if the sub grade was improperly prepared.
  • If the concrete appears to have a “sunken” look, you should replace it. Depending on the damage and the sub grade, this can often be fixed with special equipment that raises the concrete without having to replace the slab. 

For help with cracks or any of your concrete needs, visit Tolley Concrete’s website.