You’ve likely seen a backhoe being used for a project recently. Maybe you even had a toy backhoe as a child. These tractor-like vehicles have a digging bucket attached to the tractor by a two-part, articulated arm. This construction tool is pivotal for many projects and has a variety of different uses, which we’ll explain in today’s blog. Leave the operation to the experts; trust the team at Tolley Concrete to get your job done right. 

1. Digging a Trench. One of the main uses of the backhoe is trench-digging. Workers commonly use this tool to help dig up an area in preparation or in conjunction with leveling and laying pipe or other drainage systems. Many farmers will need to use a backhoe for drainage trenches and irrigation.

2. Leveling for a Road. Workers can help prepare a site for a new road by leveling the area with the assistance of a backhoe. The opposite side of the bucket can be used to smooth the land. You’ve probably seen backhoes on the side of the road waiting to be used for interstate construction projects. Get more information on our industrial projects on our website. 

3. Land Clearing. Backhoes can help protect against deforestation. When land is cleared in preparation for a new project, trees will have to be removed. Backhoes make the removal process cleaner and quicker, and oftentimes trees can be saved with the root balls intact, making them viable for replanting in a new location.

4. Cleaning a Worksite. It’s not just about the job, but cleaning up after we’re done so you’re ready to use your new construction. Backhoes can serve as a great helping hand in our cleanup crew, used to move around piles of heavy leftover materials or push debris out of the way. 

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