Have you ever wondered how to keep your concrete clean, or how to quickly pick up a stain? You’re in luck. Today’s blog post is all about cleaning your concrete. We use bleach as an effective tool to pick up stains and sanitize dirty surfaces, which makes it the perfect tool for cleaning concrete. We’ll give you the lowdown on how to do it. After you clean your concrete, check out our other blog posts for more tips. 

Concrete floors are perfect for residential or commercial spaces and are becoming more and more common. They’re loved for their flexibility in design choices and sleek and minimalist look. They’re also really easy to clean, and with help from a little bleach, you’ll be on your way to a gleaming finished product. 

Whether you’re working in your home, basement or garage, it’s important when using bleach to ensure the area is well-ventilated. Make sure any children and pets stay out of the way, as this is a toxic substance. Here are the steps:

  1. First, sweep the floor and remove any surface dirt with a dustpan. Fill a large bucket with a gallon of warm water and ¾ cup of liquid bleach. More isn’t always better; remember that this substance must be diluted.
  2. Dip a mop into the bucket and work your way from one corner of the room to the opposite end, rinsing the mop in the bucket as needed. For tough stains and stuck-on dirt, scrub the area with a scrub brush. Use gloves to avoid hazardous splashes.
  3. Allow the bleach solution to sit for five minutes. In the meantime, rinse the bucket and refill with warm water only. Repeat the process with the mop, starting at one corner and working your way to the opposite end, to rinse the floor. Allow the area to thoroughly dry, using fans and windows to help speed up the process.

Clean your floors regularly to keep them looking like new, and we know your sleek flooring choices will be the talk of the town. Visit our website for a free quote to get your own.