Concrete is well-loved by contractors and homeowners alike for its durability and versatility. However, that strength can work against you when you’re trying to remove it. Today we’ll discuss some tools of the trade you can use to aid in concrete renovation and disposal. These should help conquer even the toughest of concrete. For more concrete DIY tips, visit our blog

Before doing any digging, it’s important that you call 811 to get cleared to dig. Your contractor will take care of this if you’ve hired one, along with any necessary permits. 

Concrete can be found in all sorts of places around your home, from chunks of old foundations to patios. The way that concrete is designed might change what tool is best for removal. As always, remember to use safety equipment, like gloves, masks and protective eyewear. 

Jackhammer — If your concrete is three inches or more deep, this tool should be your go-to tool. Rentable from your local hardware store, these machines should be able to take out small chunks of sidewalk or patio.

Rotary hammer — This is basically a handheld jackhammer, and could be perfect for smaller projects or areas of demolition that require detailed or fine removal. It’s also perfect for taking out concrete masonry unit walls block by block.

Digging bar — If you’re installing a fence or mailbox outside and come across some concrete in the ground, this could be the perfect tool to get you started. By using your own body power in a handheld jackhammer fashion, you can chip away at pieces of concrete.

Remember to consider disposal as part of your removal plan. Check out our blog on the topic for more information. 

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