Coloring concrete can be a great way to enhance new or old concrete and bring some customization to your space. Whether indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial, colored concrete can brighten the area and add texture and intrigue to a flooring option. We’ll go over some reasons for coloring concrete in this blog, in addition to sharing tips for preserving a rich color for years to come. To learn more about us and the services we offer, visit our website.

How to Color Concrete
Customers can choose from a number of ways of coloring their concrete depending on their desired results. It can be done on concrete as it’s being constructed or on concrete that already exists. Professionals can color concrete by using stains, dyes, paint, tinted sealers, integral color, or dry-shake color hardeners. 

Reasons for Coloring Concrete
As mentioned in our blog before, coloring concrete can be combined with stamps and stencils in order to simulate wood, tile, brick or a variety of other flooring options on the concrete slab. It’s an affordable way to completely renovate the floor and get a new look without tearing anything up. Colored concrete gives the customer almost unlimited flexibility in customization options. It’s also great for breaking up large rooms into sections in a home or business. 

Creating and Maintaining the Look
Deciding on a color range (warm and earthy vs. bright and colorful) will help determine which medium you’ll use for achieving the desired look. Consistency is key for reaching an even look; changes in cement brand or the type of aggregate used will have an effect on color. Spot test chemical treatments and finishes to understand changes in color. Most color experts will recommend a clear sealer. For outdoor finishes, it might be necessary to reapply this sealant every one to two years to absorb wear and tear.

Colored concrete can make your space stand out above the rest. The experts at Tolley Concrete are here to assist you in designing and creating the floor you’ve dreamed about. Visit our website for a free quote to get started.