While the term “concrete coring” may sound similar to coring a piece of concrete like an apple, it’s not quite the same. Concrete coring actually refers to drilling through a piece of concrete, whether that be a floor, wall or ceiling. This process can also be used to remove unwanted concrete from the property. Additionally, it refers to the process of creating a concrete center in a building. We’ll explore all these today, so keep reading to learn all about it. Visit our blog to keep up to date on concrete news. 

If you’ve ever tried to hang a picture on a concrete wall, you might have drilled a hole with a concrete bit from your local hardware store. Concrete coring isn’t quite like that; instead referring to bigger jobs. One of the most common uses for concrete coring as a drilling job is strengthening foundation pieces. 

Pile foundations hold the weight of buildings under the ground. Concrete coring can be used to transfer the weight further underneath the ground, which strengthens the building and makes it more resistant to shifting. This is especially useful in climates that experience heavy flooding, extreme weather fluctuations, or severe cold. When the pile caps on the foundation are made of concrete, concrete coring is used to connect the caps to the piles. 

Concrete coring as a removal method is an effective way to demolish a large amount of concrete without turning up dust, like what would happen with a jackhammer. Contact Tolley Concrete for efficient concrete removal. 

Concrete coring as a building term refers to creating a core of the building that is made of concrete. These are typically used to create secure rooms, like safes in a bank, or elevators. They can also be used to strengthen the integrity of the rest of the building. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about concrete coring today. Think you need this process for your next project? Contact the experts at Tolley Concrete for a free quote.