Here are some easy tips to make your home or business more green with concrete.

“Going green” is becoming a more popular term nowadays, but don’t let the hype take away from the importance. Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in the world, and the term “green concrete” is becoming part of daily conversation in the concrete construction industry. More and more, projects are beginning to use recyclable or renewable materials in their concrete construction. Keep reading to find out more, and visit our blog for even more ideas on how to go green.

Consumers can recognize that concrete is a mix of cement mix, sand, some sort of aggregate and water. The great thing is that most, if not all, of these materials can be upcycled from previous projects. Using the right recycled materials can make your concrete even stronger than before. It helps cease the depletion of natural resources and allows you to feel good about the project you’re creating without sacrificing beauty, craftsmanship or strength. It’s a simple way to be more environmentally conscious and help your home be more eco-friendly.

With new advanced concrete crushing technology, old concrete from previous projects can be used as aggregate in new concrete. Fly ash and slag are also being used as supplementary products in cement creation, cutting down on the amount of new material that needs to be made. Recycled water can also be used in green concrete. Want to learn more about the ingredients? Visit our website!

If you’re not yet convinced, we’ve got a list of reasons why you should switch to green concrete for your next project. Most green concrete is produced locally using natural resources found in your area, making it a great way to support local businesses. Green concrete can be made using waste products from industrial plants, saving it from ending up in landfills. Not having to produce more product also lowers carbon dioxide emissions. 

We know you’ll love using green concrete in your next project. Contact us today for a free quote, and mention that you’d like to help keep your project green!