Concrete leveling and the process that goes into it may be unfamiliar to some homeowners. In short, it can be a great way to repair badly-cracked concrete. Keep reading to find out more, and as always, visit our blog for more concrete tips. 

If you’ve got cracked concrete in your home, you may believe replacing it is the only option. Maybe you’ve tried to fill the cracks, or maybe you didn’t know where to start. Leveling, or slabjacking, could be a solution to fixing your badly-cracked concrete or sinking slab.

The How and Why

Here’s how it works: major sinking can occur in concrete slabs if the soil integrity underneath is compromised. Erosion or water damage could cause that foundation to become insecure, leaving gaps underneath the concrete. This causes the heavy concrete to fall, leaving major cracking, damage and sinkage.
Leveling, or slabjacking, is implemented by drilling small holes into the affected concrete. Those holes are filled with a concrete slurry or polyurethane foam. These solutions lift the concrete by filling in the gaps left by the soil, restoring the necessary pressure.
Concrete leveling can actually cost half as much as replacing the slab, and it can give the customer a longer-lasting result. Pouring a new slab would result in removing the damaged concrete and pouring directly onto that incorrect soil foundation, unless extra money is paid to fix the underlying area. Concrete leveling fixes the soil underneath while simultaneously repairing the concrete. 

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