Summer is coming, and with that Floridians are ready to use their pools again. Whether it’s for family use or you’re already planning that Fourth of July barbecue, you want your pool and pool deck to function and be a safe place for lounging and entertainment. Unfortunately, a state of disrepair can hinder this. Keep reading to see some common issues with pool decks that can point to a need for replacement. Rest assured Tolley Concrete is here to make sure your pool is ready for fun all season. 

1. Cracks – This one is pretty easy to figure out, but it’s worth mentioning. Several underlying causes can lead to cracks in the pool deck, including improper concrete mixing or pouring, using the incorrect type of concrete for the job, or unstable/improperly graded soil beneath the concrete. Small cracks can be easily repaired, but watch out for larger cracks or cracks in multiple areas of the deck as these could signal larger problems.

2. Mold or Algae – Did you know that seeing mold or algae around your pool is actually a signal of something not working properly? Mold can be very dangerous, especially to little ones enjoying the pool, and could be a sign of issues underneath your pool deck. Check out some other signs of moisture damage here

3. Improper Drainage – This could be the cause of the mold, but can also show itself in other ways. Improper drainage could lead to puddling, cracks, or increased insects around your pool. Your deck should have a slope of at least two percent for proper drainage to take place; if not, trouble could be on the way. Correcting the proper grading underneath your deck could also fix some drainage issues in the remainder of your yard. For more info, contact Tolley Concrete. 

Let us help you get your pool ready for summer. Keep your family safe and happy by visiting our website for a free quote today.