Getting tired of pulling the weeds that grow between your concrete pavers? Weed-pulling is a time-consuming hassle, and the weeds in your patio don’t help contribute to the aesthetically-pleasing view of your outdoor oasis. In today’s blog, we’ll teach you how to remove the weeds and make sure they’re gone for good by filling in the cracks with a sealant. For more at-home solutions to your concrete cleaning and maintenance, visit our blog

Kill the Weeds
The first step is ensuring those weeds are not coming back once you remove them. During prime sunlight hours and peak heat, spray white vinegar combined with a teaspoon of dish soap onto the weeds. While the vinegar kills the weeds, the dish soap helps the vinegar stick to the weeds long enough to kill them. The heat of the day helps the vinegar absorb. While you can also use a commercial weed killer, we recommend using natural ingredients to avoid chemical damage to your concrete. 

Remove the Weeds
Come back the following day and remove those softened weeds. Remember to remove the roots and not just the leaves for maximum effectiveness. Use your hands, a flathead screwdriver, or another tool of choice to help dig in the cracks between pavers. 

Seal the Cracks
Use a cup to pour polymeric sand, a fine sand that acts as a binding agent when exposed to water, into the cracks. Take a broom to the surface to sweep into every crevice, then leaf blow the excess off the top of the stones to avoid staining. Mist with water to set, working in small sections and repeating for three to four applications. Let sit for a full 24 hours. Sound like too much or want to explore other joint options? Contact us on our website. 

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