Consider adding this new design to your home or business. 

Concrete stairs had fallen out of style with some modern and minimalistic trends, but many designers are bringing them back as a fashionable and sophisticated option. We’re excited to present to you an old look that has come back to life through homes, outdoor areas, and more. For other concrete trends, visit our blog. 

Concrete stairs are regularly used for exterior designs, but we’ve got some new and exciting ways to use them indoors, too. While perfect for your home, they also work well in commercial designs to show off a sleek look. With new building innovations, we can make something that was once viewed as clunky and wasteful into a minimal design incorporated with sleek handrails or various colors. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Gray and integrated. These designs are classic and straightforward and can be finished with a polished top. 
  2. Floating. Concrete is heavy, but if each step is set individually into the wall, a floating staircase is possible. This creates a beautiful eye-catching design that feels light in contrast with the concrete.
  3. Stairs with a landing. Incorporate other artwork, plants or decorations in your design by utilizing a landing.
  4. White concrete stairs. These are perfect for matching a modern or minimalistic-styled home, as white is frequently used in these designs. White concrete stairs will fit right in and can help add an earthy touch to the home. If polished, white stairs will give a refined look.
  5. Spiral cement stairs. Historic or grander buildings might want to use this style. Sure to catch any guest’s eye, this staircase design could save space too.

Don’t let stairs just bring you from one place to another. When designed properly, they can serve as a centerpiece and an architectural statement. With our designers, we can create something that’s perfect for your home or business. Contact us today for a free quote.