Here’s how to get your project started off on the right foot.

With the real estate market as it is now, many residents and commercial business owners alike are looking to build their own space. On the plus side, this allows for maximum levels of creativity and customization. It can seem like a daunting process, but that’s why we’re here. Trust the concrete experts at Tolley Concrete to ensure your concrete services are done with the highest level of care, and take a look at this blog to see some tips we’ve got on planning and executing your new space.

#1 Come With Ideas – This goes for contractors and consumers alike. Think of styles you like. Pinterest is a great tool, or go to the internet and find images that communicate what you want. No detail is too small, and will only help make the process simpler in the long run. Stay open-minded to suggestions from the experts too; they might help you find something perfect you hadn’t thought of.

#2 Floor Plan – This is the backbone of your project, whether commercial or residential. This can be designed by an architect and could be similar to another space you like, or could be chosen from a builder’s catalog. Adjustments can be made as needed, but start with something you love.

#3 Develop a Price Estimate – An easy way to do this, even without a builder, is to look at the going rate for similar new construction in the area. To find out the average estimated cost per square foot, take the price of the building, subtract the price of the land, and divide that number by the square footage you’re looking for. You can also get some price estimates for individual services with the help of your contractor, and check out our website for a free price quote.

With the help of some fresh ideas, a great real estate agent, and a team of people ready to support you, rest assured you’ll end up with a beautiful finished product that fulfills your needs (and your dreams). Visit our website to get started on concrete design and finishing services.