Learn some pros and cons for this situation. 

As homeowners, you make tough decisions about the state of your home every day. Sometimes it might be smaller choices, like deciding what day of the week works best to mow the yard. On other days, you may face more thorough decisions about aspects of your home’s construction. Today we’ll explore some common problems with garage floors to make you more aware of an appropriate direction to take, whether it be replacement or repair. For all things concrete home improvement, visit Tolley Concrete’s blog

We put our garage floors through a lot. Heavy vehicles and other items sit on them every day, where they also frequently collect dust, dirt, debris and oil. They also endure regular foot traffic in and out of the house as well as extreme temperature fluctuations. All these things lead to gradual deterioration, but what comes next?

While concrete flooring options in the garage should last for decades, it might be time for a replacement due to years of wear and tear. However, a poor initial installation could be leading to a faster deterioration. If the initial contracting team cut corners and didn’t follow proper steps, such as setting up expansion joints, using the correct cement and concrete ratios, or even digging the right subgrade when the house was first built, the slab could be cracking. 

Small hairline cracks are easily repairable and mostly cosmetic. Larger cracks are a possible sign of structural issues and should be looked at by a licensed contractor. For a free quote, visit our website. Your flooring could also be suffering from pitting, which is when tiny holes are created by sand or dirt particles that aren’t swept often enough and are acting as an abrasive. Also, consider adding a sealant if your floor doesn’t have one already to elongate use. 

Being a homeowner comes with many difficult decisions, but we’re here to make this one a little easier. Let the experts handle it at Tolley Concrete, and we’ll make sure your garage floor is beautiful and functional for years to come.