If you recently finished a concrete renovation, you may be stuck with some leftover concrete debris. Disposing of that debris isn’t as easy as putting it on the curb, though. Depending on your project, you may have some recycling options, too. In today’s blog, we’ll go over a variety of ways to dispose of the leftovers from your concrete renovation. Visit our website for more helpful project tips

Before choosing a disposal option, you should evaluate how much concrete or asphalt you need to move. Make sure to include the size and weight for the most accurate measurement and proper budgeting.

  • Rent a roll-away dumpster. This option is great if you have a large amount of material that needs to be removed. These dumpsters are typically affordable and can be scheduled for dropoff and pickup. Simply load the materials into the dumpster. Beware, you might need help if it’s a lot of weight.


  • Post on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Check the classifieds to see if any contractors or DIY-ers are looking for crushed concrete or asphalt. You can place an ad that offers the concrete for free as long as they come for removal. Similarly, you can place a “free” sign out in your driveway. Unfortunately, your debris might be sitting there awhile, as this is dependent on local needs. If you need it done quickly, talk to Tolley Concrete about concrete removal


  • Dump it yourself. If you have a truck or a friend with one, you can load the debris into the back yourself and drive it to the nearest landfill or recycling center. Be sure to check online before going, as not all materials are accepted. Sometimes fees are required, but many landfills or counties offer free dump days for various materials. 

If you’re doing a concrete removal yourself, these are all great options depending on your area and budget. However, if you’re getting a concrete service done through a contractor, clarify what options they have for concrete removal. To see more on the services we offer at Tolley Concrete, visit our website