We’ll teach you how to fix cracks that occur right from the start. 

If you’ve been following along with our blogs, or even just have concrete pieces in your home, you know that concrete can begin to crack over time. Common causes of concrete damage include water damage or the concrete being built on an incorrect foundation. Today in our blog, we’ll discuss how concrete mishaps can happen in the first pour during construction and how to fix them to ensure a perfect final product.

Concrete can crack for at least several different reasons. Some of these lesser-known, but still common, reasons are steel corrosion, freezing and thawing of the material, a sulfate attack or an alkali-aggregate reaction. These cracks can become even worse if they start to leak. Let’s teach you how to solve these problems from the start. 

The first step to repairing your leaking crack is by prepping it to ensure a watertight seal. Though it may seem backward to create a bigger crack, you’ll want to get out your electric chipping hammer to turn your crack into a deep, narrow chase. Once you’ve got a satisfactory crack, you’re ready to continue. Need more tips yet? Visit our website for expert advice you can trust.

Don’t use an injection repair project. You may be tempted, as the initial processes are very similar. However, concrete is typically prepped for injection by drilling holes in the crack that are filled by ports, which then allow the repair material to be pumped into the concrete. Since we used a chisel approach, we’ll want to avoid the injections.

So what should you use instead? We recommend filling with a rapid-setting hydraulic cement product. This should harden quickly and repel water even under high pressure. Follow this with a hydraulic grout. The grout forms insoluble, needle-shaped crystals to penetrate the concrete’s capillary pores and any micro-cracks. This will help keep the concrete watertight and also prevent any contaminants in water on the concrete from sticking around. 

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