Xeriscaping was created during a drought period in Denver in the 1970s and ’80s to save water.

It utilizes plants that require small amounts of water and layouts that create appealing, low-maintenance designs. Concrete is a great way to add to any xeriscape design and can be utilized in a number of unique and custom ways. Contact us for help with your design, and keep reading for some ideas. 

Xeriscaping is about saving water but not sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your yard. However, xeriscaping can serve many purposes. Your xeriscape design’s main purpose can be to conserve water, save landscaping maintenance time, reduce your need for fertilizer and additives, reduce lawn care costs, increase outdoor entertainment space, or a combination of all of the above.

Concrete is a great way to add to your xeriscape design as it is aesthetically pleasing, practical, and, when installed properly, requires little maintenance over the years. Here are some different ways you can utilize concrete in your xeriscape design:

Incorporating Concrete In Xeriscape

  • Separate your yard.
     You can use concrete to divide your plants into sections based on type or water/sunlight needs. Concrete edging adds interesting details to sidewalks and paths, or you could use concrete in a raised flower bed or other garden area. For other ideas, visit the Tolley Concrete blog
  • More concrete equals less lawn to mow.
    You can create wide pathways throughout your yard for easy access to your plants, or build a geometric design into your yard with interesting shaped stepping stones or slabs separated with gravel or dirt. This creates a modern aesthetic and saves on water, making it an eco-friendly option. 
  • Expand your outdoor space.
    Do you need more space for cars or chalk projects with the kids on a bigger driveway? What about a bigger backyard patio with space for outdoor dining and entertaining? Concrete is the perfect tool.

Xeriscaping is an innovative design option that’s eco-friendly and unique, and we have just the expertise you need to make it work! For more information, contact us today