Whether you’re wondering about new construction going on in your area or you have a new project you’re beginning, you may be wondering what the differences are between industrial and commercial construction. The main difference is that commercial buildings are for the public or the consumer, while industrial buildings are for distributing commodities. The latter could include everything from factories to power plants. In this article, you’ll learn more about the differences. Visit our website for more information on commercial and industrial projects. 

Location. This is another notable difference between commercial and industrial projects. Since commercial projects are designed to serve the public, they’ll be placed where they can be accessible to their audience or clientele. Large hospital systems that serve a lot of people will be placed close to the city center, while businesses like a farm and feed store might be out in the country where they can provide products to local farmers. Industrial manufacturing projects will not be located close to residences due to potential pollution or noise compliance, but they might be close to ports or airports. 

Exterior Infrastructure. Outdoor needs will differ for commercial and industrial buildings. If your business is designed to accommodate many people, especially at high peak times, like a restaurant during dinner, your parking lots or street access will have to be designed around that. The exterior needs of an industrial complex might be space for delivery trucks or unloading areas. Want to learn more about designing parking lots to keep your customers and employees safe? Visit our blog for more articles on this topic. 

Interior Space. The interior of a commercial space like a hospital would require wider corridors, while something like an office building might feature more communal spaces. The interior of industrial spaces will generally be designed to accommodate heavy machinery and feature wider and taller doorways. 

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