Each year, thousands of industry professionals gather at the World of Concrete trade show. There, they share new information, industry advancements, and get the opportunity to network and view exhibits from all over the world. This year’s event took place in Las Vegas. The show typically sees more than 60,000 contractors and distributors attending each year. 

While there are a wide variety of events and exhibits taking place at the trade show, including indoor and outdoor features, there are also activities for the attendees. This year, the guests got to participate in a brick-laying competition. The challenge was to build the best and largest 26-foot-long brick wall with your team, with the winning team being the one who committed the fewest errors. 

One of the features of this year’s event was 3D home printing. Industry experts got the opportunity to share accomplishments and new technology with their peers. We’ve spoken about concrete 3D printing on our blog before, and continue to educate on the latest advancements. New and exciting updates are happening before our eyes.

One of the ways 3D home printing is changing is that the homes are now even quicker to reproduce. This technology functions just like the smaller 3D printers available for home use or in smaller commercial settings, except on a much larger scale. These larger machines print with concrete instead of plastic. This makes creating materials on a large scale quick and easy, and very affordable, too.

Once the printer is set up, it only takes three people to operate it and create a new home. An architect’s designs are used in the machine and slowly printed out layer by layer with concrete. The building that results is reliable, durable, and has a variety of uses. This could be used in the future for low-cost housing or environmentally-friendly building options.

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