Learn some tips for concrete patio maintenance and cleaning.

Adding a patio to your home can be a great investment into the value of your home, but it’s so much more than that. Patio owners know that this space is a great place to eat, play, and enjoy family time in the outdoors. Patios can also serve as a hosting space for get-togethers.

Patios, just like any other part of the home, require some regular maintenance to keep them in good shape, though. In today’s blog, we’ll teach you how to keep your concrete patio looking ready for any dinner party you’ve got planned. Need your own outdoor patio? You can view our residential services on our website.

#1 Regularly Seal – Most concrete patios are stamped concrete or made with concrete pavers interlocked together. In order to maintain a shiny or clear appearance and keep your concrete looking like new, you’ll need to apply a sealer. Typically this is applied every few years or when colored concrete starts to look faded, but this will depend on the type of concrete used and specific conditions (like the weather). Check with your concrete installer for recommendations, or contact us on our website.

#2 Make Cleaning Part of the Routine – Cleaning your concrete patio regularly will keep away erosion and prevent cracks from forming. You can use soap and water, a hose, pressure washer, or even a broom to keep away most of the dust and dirt.

#3 Keep the Cracks Away – Fill any cracks that begin to form as soon as you can so they don’t turn into bigger problems down the road. Cracks can lead to major damage to the concrete if water and debris is allowed to get in there, and provide a place for unwanted weeds to grow. Pull weeds up or use a weedkiller, but stay away from harsh chemicals that could damage your concrete.

With a little bit of regular maintenance, your concrete is sure to impress for years to come. Want more tips for maintaining the concrete in your home or business? Check out our blog.