Learn some tips to keep concrete driveway maintenance a breeze.

You’ve just had a new driveway installed. Before you use it, we’ve got some tips for helping it cure properly so as not incur any damage. In addition, we’ll tell you all about the maintenance tips sure to keep your driveway looking great for years to come. Check out this blog to learn all about it, and visit our blog on our website for more tips on maintaining your concrete investment.

#1 Keep Off! – Your new driveway needs to cure and harden for a minimum of seven days before seeing any traffic. This will allow the materials to set properly. Without giving the concrete time to harden, the material could crack or bend, or see problems much sooner than if given proper curing time. Your concrete provider should give you this information too.

#2 Sealing – We recommend sealing your concrete driveway every three to five years, depending on wear and weather. This can help protect your driveway from harsh elements, chemicals, and other spills that could cause damage.

#3 Oil Spills – These should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid staining, but they’re not a structural concern. We recommend using a commercial degreaser, a sturdy bristle brush, some water and a good amount of elbow grease to clean up any oil, especially if it has been sitting for a bit. Stains can stick around for years to come, so for the best aesthetic, we recommend cleaning as soon as possible.

#4 Dips and Low Spots – Noticing puddling in your driveway after a rain shower or while washing your car? To find out if the problem alludes to a bigger issue or something that needs immediate attention, do this test: fill the spot with water and drop a quarter in. If the quarter is completely submerged, it’s time to contact your contractor to get that fixed.

Simple concrete maintenance will keep your new driveway in beautiful condition for years to come. To get yours, or learn about your maintenance options, visit our website for a free quote today.