While every house is built on a foundation, not every foundation is the same. The foundation is one of the most important parts of the home. If it’s built improperly or not repaired correctly, it can lead to disaster for the homeowner. The first step in building a great house is selecting and constructing the right foundation. Learn more about foundations on our blog page

  • Full and Daylight Basement Foundations — A basement foundation is the deepest of the three main foundation types. This basement usually features a height of at least seven feet, although higher is common, especially when planning to make this space a full living space. Doing so can double the square footage of your home, but basements aren’t common in Florida due to sea level, damp soil, and swampland. Full basements match the perimeter of the house, while daylight basements are partial – built against a slope on one side and exposed to daylight (with windows) on the other.
  • Crawl Space Foundations — These foundations are much shorter, typically no more than four feet tall. This foundation is made by building foundation walls on short concrete footings. With certain types of clay soils, deep holes are drilled down to bedrock and filled with concrete. The foundation walls are then placed on these pillars. Care must be used when building this foundation in wet areas, making it another unpopular choice for most Florida homes. For information on the best decision for your home and budget, submit to get a free quote with us here.
  • Concrete Slab-on-Grade Foundation — This is the most popular choice for homes in Florida to provide the best protection against moisture and flooding from hurricane season and groundwater. Slab refers to the solid concrete pad, while grade refers to the level – meaning it rests directly on the ground. This option is less expensive than adding a basement, but basements cannot be added to the home down the line.

Whichever foundation is best for your home needs to be constructed by the experts who can do it right. Visit our website here to get an understanding of what we do as one of the most trusted names in Central Florida.