Spending time outside with your loved ones and neighbors is one of the best parts of spring and summer. We want to make sure you’re able to use your pool, patio, and entire outdoor living space in safety and style. In today’s blog, we’re sharing some common outdoor hazards you might see in your outdoor space and how to fix them. Visit our residential page on our website to take a look at our portfolio of residential work, and see why customers trust us to keep them safe. 

  • Drainage Issues – If your concrete is uneven or cracking, or if the ground underneath or surrounding your patio or deck has not been properly leveled, you could be in for some drainage issues. Poor drainage can lead to erosion in your yard, runoff contamination into nearby water sources or your pool, and standing water in your lawn or garden beds. One of the biggest hazards though can be standing water on a concrete surface, as this is easy to slip on and could cause injury. To prevent this from happening, ensure your concrete has been leveled correctly. Prepare for those afternoon rain showers before they become an issue this summer. 
  • Cracks in Concrete – Small cracks are often just cosmetic issues and are best repaired before they worsen. However, large cracks can quickly become a tripping hazard and pose a structural threat to the whole slab, depending on the size of the crack. It’s easy to catch a toe or a flip flop from running feet in a crack in the concrete, leading to a fall and a scraped knee or worse. Repair your cracks before an issue arises by using Tolley Concrete
  • Broken Corners – If the corner of your concrete patio or pool deck has chipped or cracked, it can pose a threat while walking, mowing the lawn, and doing other yard work around the area. It’s also unsightly and can lead to more cracks in the slab or paver. We recommend a repair on the slab or replacement of the affected paver. 

Repair your issues before they worsen with Tolley Concrete’s expert care. Visit our website to get started with a free quote here