Thinking about adding a patio to your home, or redoing an existing space? We think that’s a great idea. You may remember from another blog of ours that realtors recommend adding a patio to your home, as it has the potential to add value at resale. Not to mention, it’s a great space to enjoy the outdoors with your family and pets. Keep reading to find out why your chosen outdoor space should be made of concrete. 

  1. Concrete is stylistically versatile. There are so many ways you can customize a concrete patio to make it your own. Whether you’re implementing certain stains to achieve a specific color palette, or creating fun shapes and textures with the concrete, there are so many ways to achieve your dream outdoor living space. These options can be affordable too; start with colored crushed stone as a great option. For more customization ideas, check out this blog
  2. Concrete has a low startup cost. The typical concrete patio runs much less expensive than a similar patio made of wood or paving stones. Design choices can increase the cost, but wooden decks tend to cost double per square foot than the typical concrete patio option, via 
  3. Concrete has longevity and long-term cost savings. Wooden decks and concrete patios require regular maintenance to withstand the damage from rain and other outdoor elements. Both require power washing, and both must be scrubbed and sanded before sealant can be applied. However, this process is much simpler for concrete. Sealant is only needed for concrete patios every 2-3 years, while wooden patios should be resealed annually. Additionally, concrete will not rot or mold like wood, and you can’t get a loose screw or nail either. 

We think you’ll agree that a concrete patio will be the perfect addition to your backyard. To get started on enjoying the outdoors, visit our website for a free quote