If you’re planning an outdoor project to renovate your backyard or walkway spaces, you might be thinking of using pavers. Pavers now come in a variety of materials, colors, and even shapes. We can help you decide and find something that’s perfect for your style and your plans for the space. Keep reading to learn all about your choice of paver, and visit our website for more outdoor inspiration

  • Concrete Pavers – Starting out with a basic choice, concrete pavers are tried and true. These are especially resilient to outdoor activities and weather, and can withstand a lot of pressure. Irregular landscape owners might have to get a little creative with putting the puzzle pieces together, but don’t worry, Tolley Concrete is here to help. 
  • Stone Pavers – These come in a wide variety of options that are fit for every use, including cut stone, veneer stone, cobblestone and flagstone. Your choice will depend on your stylistic favorites and the function you need them to serve. Stone pavers might need to be spaced with gravel or grass, depending on the shape of the stone. 
  • Brick Pavers – Like concrete, brick pavers are extremely strong and durable. They’re made with natural clay and have a great look. They do have a rough surface though that could be irritating to bare feet. If you plan on going barefoot a lot, or have young ones who might, this might not be the option for you.
  • Marble Pavers – Did you know that marble isn’t just for inside your home? Marble pavers can make a beautiful addition to your yard but can tick up the pricing of the project dramatically. Consult with an expert to get an estimate before beginning work. 

Pavers can make a beautiful addition to your home and can serve as functional walkways and living spaces. To consult with us about bringing this to your space, visit our website today.