There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to paving a walkway. Here’s what makes concrete pavers superior.

If you are looking to have a nice walkway installed at your home or place of business, concrete pavers are an excellent choice. At Tolley Concrete, we can provide a wide selection in terms of style, color, and size. There are many options available when it comes to laying a new walkway, and we’ll explain why we think concrete pavers are a generally superior way to go.

What Makes Concrete Pavers Great?

First and foremost, concrete pavers give you greater versatility for appearance than your typical poured concrete walkway. It’s easy to create curves and slopes to accentuate landscape features. Plus, concrete pavers are available in plenty of styles so you can get a look that is unique and well-suited to the property.

Concrete pavers make wonderful borders for planting beds. If traction is a concern, there are pavers with textured finishes that provide greater slip resistance. Most concrete pavers are as slip resistant as broom-finished concrete, making them safe for areas that will be regularly affected by water, such as garden paths.

Maintenance is a breeze for concrete pavers. Tolley Concrete ensures that your pavers are protected with an appropriate sealer and the joints are filled with a polymer sand that helps prevent erosion. A quick sweep with the broom is usually all that is needed, and the occasional hosing down with water to remove dirt. If the pavers settle unevenly in some spots, they can easily be reset without having to repave large portions of the walkway. Simply take up the sunken pavers, regrade and recompact the subbase, and replace the pavers. 

Call Tolley Concrete to Design Your Walkway

Concrete pavers are not the most economical solution for your walkway needs, but the benefits are worth the cost. Contact Tolley Concrete to explore what your options are for paving your walkway. You can reach us at (863) 324-1100.