Have you ever wondered what’s different between residential and commercial concrete floors?

Though the concrete floor in a home and a business might look similar, they’re actually quite different. Not all concrete is made the same, even two types of concrete both meant for flooring. Today we’ll discover the differences between these two types of flooring. If you’re planning a renovation, learn these important tips before you begin. Check out our blog for more information about concrete types and DIY ideas.

To understand the differences between the two, it’s important to consider each space’s use. Residential flooring doesn’t have to withstand heavy weights like its commercial counterpart. The heaviest items on residential flooring would typically be furniture and appliances. Even with a busy household, the amount of foot traffic is low.

Furthermore, homeowners generally choose simple overlays for their concrete flooring, whether that’s carpet or hardwood, or stains and polish to preserve the natural, minimalistic look. While you don’t want to skimp on quality, concrete that is perfect for homes will be less expensive than commercial-grade concrete. 

Commercial concrete is a different story. This type of concrete will need to be prepared to withstand a much larger amount of consistent foot traffic. It also needs to be rated for a much higher weight, as commercial needs are a lot heavier than your family’s refrigerator. When ordering concrete for commercial needs, you’ll want to choose something with a higher-strength formula. Reinforce commercial concrete with fiber or a steel grid. Feel like you’re in over your head? Don’t worry; contact the experts at Tolley Concrete. 

On top of heavier loads, commercial concrete must also be prepped to withstand scratches and spills. Treat your concrete with a high-quality coating to keep cleaning easy and your concrete lasting for years to come. It can also provide traction for customers and employees, along with creating a beautiful design or color. 

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