If your concrete is showing years of wear and tear, cracks that can’t be repaired, or structural issues, it may be time to remove it and start over. If you’ve been watching home renovation TV shows, homeowners may be tempted to take on this project themselves. While it’s doable for some, it’s not the safest or best option. Today we’ll share some reasons why it’s best to hire a concrete professional for your home concrete removal project.

Time-Consuming Project: Don’t underestimate the amount of time a concrete-removal project can take. It can be hard to dedicate the amount of time needed to see the project through from start to finish. If the area needing improvement is your driveway, starting and stopping, or taking a while to finish the project between work and family obligations, can be inconvenient. Professionals can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Heavy and Copious Debris: Removing a whole driveway will leave you with quite a bit of concrete to take to disposal. You can’t get rid of concrete just anywhere either, and you might need to rent a dumpster for removal. Concrete debris can be dusty, heavy and dangerous, especially with rebar. The professionals are certified and trained in how to handle these materials properly.

Removal Equipment – For home concrete removal, you’ll likely have to rent saws or other removal equipment from the local hardware store. Concrete professionals already have the necessary equipment, as well as experience in operating the machines to do so safely. It’s safer, and could be more cost effective, to trust the professionals to do the job. Check out our blog for more information on concrete projects. 

While it might be possible to remove your own concrete, it’s better for your health and the expediency of the project to hire Tolley Concrete’s experts to get your job done right. Get your free quote now on our website.