Here’s how to keep customers loving your parking lot and your service.

Parking lots are subject to a fair amount of wear and tear over the years, especially with some types of weather and use. They are an investment that your business, employees, and customers use every day, so it’s important to keep the lot in good shape. At Tolley Concrete, we provide superb concrete parking lot service from installation to maintenance. Check out this article for some helpful maintenance tips, and visit our website for even more advice. 

Did you know that concrete can be regularly sealed? Getting this service done decreases the amount of moisture that can seep into the concrete, which can cause cracks or mold. Sealing the pavement also reduces the risk of efflorescence growing – a crystalline deposit of salt that can form when water is present. Since parking lots are subject to rain, especially here in Central Florida, we recommend this service to extend the life of your concrete.

A simple cleaning may only be needed about once a year, depending on the lot and the kind of traffic it sees. However, don’t overlook the importance of a good power wash. This could be a good opportunity to ensure storm drains are clear and debris is removed. In a clean and clear parking lot, lines are more visible and light can reflect off the pavement better, both of which make the parking lot safer for drivers and pedestrians in low visibility weather or nighttime. 

Small hairline cracks will appear over time; however, we don’t recommend sealing cracks until they’re slightly bigger, as a hairline crack is too small to effectively heal. The material needed to fill the crack depends on the type and size of the crack. Some can be done by hand, but we’re always happy to help

Parking lots are simple to maintain with Tolley Concrete on your side. We know your customers will appreciate the care you put into making your business’ lot a safe place to be. To get your free quote, visit our website.